Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Larch Hill Race

She did it! Indra and i ran our first race together on Halloween morning. It was warm and misty and a rather perfect day to be romping around on the Larch Hill property in true steeplechase fashion. There was plenty of mud to had. The costumes were excellent and the company could not have been better. Indra paced herself well and we chatted and ran for the first mile after that she got a bit more quiet and quite frankly she was a bit hot. Come mile three she was definitely parched and over dressed for the run, but she persevered and was rewarded with a great big cup of water at the end. There was plenty of food and fun to be had after the race. Indra went on to work at her school carnival for the rest of the morning and i think felt a great sense of accomplishment. I will let her tell her story later.
Unfortunately right now Indra has a rather enormous infection in her foot that we are all baffled by. She is lying in bed fighting a bit of a fever and trying to stay home and off of IV antibiotics. Let's hope she can do it.

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