Friday, October 23, 2009

motivate motivate

It has been hard to motivate for the past 2 days. Between work and procrastination, cold weather and general ennui we have managed not to run. Indra is running in pe today so i guess i will run as well. I have potatoes to dig and some presents to wrap up and general house cleaning along with real work and paper work...Sound familiar?
What i think will inspire me is writing about my annual birthday day of running. This year my good friend and superb running buddy, Leslie, gave me a fabulous and much desired birthday gift...a complaint free running partner for the day. Every year for my birthday i go on as many wooded runs in one day as i can fit in and my slightly arthritic dogs can handle. This year the number was 6. Leslie came over in morning and we got ready for our day of fun and running. We drove up to a beautiful state park around us and ran to the top of Spruce hill. You can see 365 degrees from the top of it. North Adams, Greylock, beauty and hills. It was lovely. We then moved onto a place called Tannery Falls within the same park. This was a lovely and short run complete with a fantastic waterfall in the middle of the run. In the summer the waterfall is so loud it is hard to hear someone speak when you are standing near. We then moved away from Savoy and into the Berkshires. In Dalton we ran and explored the Waconah Falls area. Again a small but lovely little run, again with some waterfall action. After that we moved on to Kennedy Park, a very cool running and cross country ski area in Lenox. Much fun was had there trampling through the woods trying to figure out where we were and if we cared. Next we drove to Stockbridge and ran up Monument Mountain. A totally beautiful place and a great hike for the family if you are ever out there. The views from the top are gorgeous year round. We finished with our final run at The Ice Glen in Stockbridge. Quaint pretty and fun. We got a little turned around at the end of the ice glen area and had to bush wack through some ones multi million dollar estate complete with gate and stone wall which we had to climb over. Our final stop was the Stockbridge elderly outpost of The Red Lion Inn. A must do is a beer on the porch watching people take pictures of each other in front of the ridiculously large pumpkins. We couldn't resist, we had to do it too.
After all of that running fun my dog was exhausted and i was hungry for dinner with my wonderful family. What a great birthday. Thank you Leslie and thank you my spectacular family for making it possible for me to have so much fun and good times.

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