Tuesday, October 13, 2009

and so we begin

My daughter and i have decided to start this blog as part of a resolution to run a marathon together. The idea came about after i finished the Hartford Marathon. We want to spend time together. Be powerful, have fun, and to put it simply...we want to run like girls.
TANYA:First let me tell you about my girl. She is 11 years old, smart, funny, spunky, and very strong. She is an athlete but running is fairly new to her. Indra rides horses and plays like a girl. And just to make it clear that means she kicks butt! I am going to let her tell you about me.
INDRA:My mom Tanya is 36 and just ran the Hartford marathon. She is fun, funny, talkative and like me, she likes to play like a girl! Tanya loves to run and has running since she was 12 years old. We both love animals and one of our dog's favorite things to do is to go for a nice long run.
TANYA AND INDRA: We would like to encourage any mom and daughter teams out there to join us and run like girls. It is a great time to play together and talk and be outside.
We started today with our first fun run. Indra is hoping to run a 3 mile race in about 2 weeks. We set the pace at comfortable and got a feeling for how long running a mile together would take. It was cold today and windy. We ran the first 1/2 mile downhill and the second up. We calculated that the race should take Indra about a half hour and still be fun.

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  1. Love this! The whole thing! Mostly, I love to hear your ideas and all you have done. You are both kick ass gals!