Thursday, October 15, 2009

another beautiful cold day

Today i raced home from a full day of prenatal and post partum appointments. My head full of babies and bellies and the stories that accompany them. As i was driving through the falling leaves i found i was getting excited for my run with Indra. My body is just starting to feel normal after the marathon and i want to move it. I raced home only to find that Indra had left on a rather long horse back ride by herself. No worries. I had to readjust my expectations. Tomorrow we would run together and today i would run alone...faster and longer than i would have with her. I have to remind myself that she is an athlete on her own and that while running is my number one horses are her number one. We both arrived home around the same time as the light was shifting to dark. The cold had settled in for real but our cheeks were red and our eyes were bright. I love that she loves to move.

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  1. Such a great idea, fabulous blog, love reading and will surely be back! GOOD LUCK girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lisa hamilton/earthmama