Thursday, January 7, 2010

happy new year

A new year! I used to feel like the days barely crept by when my children were young but now they are flying. The playtime outside is amping up with the snow and we are trying to shield ourselves with winter coats made of ice cream, cookies, and hot chocolate.
I have just come back from a run in the winter wind and was appreciating the sun reflecting of of the snow. If only we could have more. During my run i was reflecting on the good fortune i have to know so many talented, wonderful, funny, smart, different people. It really feels that as i get older life gets infinitely more interesting. I am inspired nearly every day by something a friend is working on.
We had our annual Solstice bash and were rewarded by great snowy weather and a luscious batch of children. There were nearly 80 families and wonderful kids lighting candles around the living room this year. If anyone reads this and has pictures please send them to me. I would love to post them. Winter was welcomed and the festive mood was high. I took a brief hiatus from my daily running to work on knitted mittens, socks, homemade cookies and such.
The new year was rung in with good friends and family and my sons classmates. I cannot tell you what a blast it is to have that many teenagers roaming around and sledding down the hill with you after midnight. We had a lot of late night new year sledding and revelry. Indra even took Allegro out after midnight and rode through the blue moon lit field with the sledders.
I have only run a handful of times this year so far but i am preparing for a sweetheart race with my sweetheart on February 13th complete with chocolate and flowers post race and a half marathon this winter at Hampton Beach. I didn't make it there this summer so i might as well try this winter. Maybe i will even plunge into the Atlantic after the race...Only time will tell.

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