Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a literal break for my girl

With a sadness in my heart i must tell you all Indra will not be running, riding, or playing outside for a while. Indra broke her leg while riding out in the woods and fields with a friend. She was enormously brave and handled it better than i probably would have but the winter has taken on a bit of a different shape because of this.
We have discussed our plans of running and playing when she has healed,(in a couple of months) but until then i am trying to entertain her with books, games, and borrowed dvds of Myth Busters and Little House on the Prairie. I thought this would be good time for crafting, but then i remembered that i am the one who likes to craft not Indra. Ah well.
On the up side Indra got her braces off about a week after her break and subsequent surgery so at least her teeth are happy.
I am currently procrastinating while my time is slipping away. I will go on a run, i will go on a run, i get the picture. My man and i are signed up for a Valentine's weekend race and i want to be fast. Kamal wants to finish. We shall see how we both fare. I am vaguely preparing for the Hampton Beach Half Marathon, emphasis on vaguely.
I have been running in my Vibram 5 fingers shoes and am loving them! The one downside i am experiencing right now is the cold. My toes are like little lumps of frozen meat during some of the run. I will post some photos of them soon. Indra and my friend Leslie had vowed not to be seen with me while i was wearing them but Leslie relented.

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