Saturday, February 20, 2010

game face

Rock it Ladies!! I am in New Hampshire in a hotel on the edge of the ocean waiting to run a half marathon tomorrow morning. I am watching the Olympics, women's super G race and am just amazed by the strength. These women are going for it! Beautiful, strong, and determined. These women embody the feeling that i work towards every day. Playing like girls!
Today i stood beside my daughter, me on my two feet, her on her crutches and was overwhelmed by her strength. We were talking and laughing last night about how she has never really been injured before now and we were laughing about her falls from horses, her broken helmets, her broken tooth the day her teacher mistakenly hit her in the face with a hammer...i suddenly realized i have a kick butt girl fearless and funny and positive. She gives me the strength to believe in myself tonight as i contemplate my race tomorrow.
Tomorrow i rock the five fingers in the half marathon. I will let you know how it feels and if i recommend it. Wish me luck! I will be thinking of you Leslie and your 7 miles, please think of me and my 13!

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