Monday, February 22, 2010

found my good time

What a great race yesterday. It was a glorious selfish day to myself and i fully appreciated it. The beach was sandy with just a little snow, the crowd was huge and the sun was shining. I had no idea that there were fancy parts of Hampton Beach. The mansions were palatial in size and the grounds were quite like those of manors. I really had no idea. I thought Hampton Beach was all leopard print and half shirts. The run was really lovely. There were 3 other barefoot runners in the crowd, all men but 3 others none the less.
I met so many women and watched so many of them kick asphalt! It was so inspiring and it was certainly good timing for my morale with the olympics in full swing. I used a few key words in the last few miles of the race. I borrowed Leslie's COURAGE, and my STRENGTH, and POWER. I seemed to really have needed them from miles 10 to 13. It just goes to show again and again that training isn't really that necessary. I think i will train for my next race and see if i can really kick it into gear. Do any of you have any training vs non training stories you would like to share? Let me know...and get out there and play and feel proud of yourself.

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  1. Hi Tanya! We met Sunday at the Hampton Half by the time postings, ...I am just getting the chance to check out your blog. It was a pleasure to meet you, I am looking forward to checking in to see what you are up to! Glad you enjoyed the run, it truly is scenic isn'? I am very lucky that this is where I am able to run everyday!!!