Friday, March 5, 2010

Guest Blogger

I thought i would take a page from my incredibly talented kick butt friend and fellow blogger Leslie and ask a few of my athlete friends to talk about sports and themselves. I checked in with a great friend and fabulous Runner, and I meant it with a capital R, Lisa. Lisa, Leslie, and I all ran together once a week and fully enjoyed the running and the conversation. Lisa is a seriously committed runner and i admire her greatly for that and for her parenting skills. She is truly a woman to look up to. I asked her to write something for the blog today and here is what she wrote. Thanks Lisa.

One transformational and memorable moment for me as an athlete was when Tonya, Leslie, my daughter Carly and I ran the Seven Sisters ridge (I believe that is what it is called) 4 or so years ago. Here's why:
We were a group of women supporting each other with a common goal that was challenging and wicked FUN!
We were out in the woods: quiet, peaceful, beautiful.
It was a pivitol experience for Carly, exposing her to the fact that she is capable of more than she imaged and has taken that spirit into her adult life style. Actually when we talk about that day she says it changed her life and how she sees herself and what she is capable of.
It was a bonding experience between me and my friends, people I have only felt love and support from and for, and deepened the bond with my daughter.
In challenging situations,the truth of who you are is revealed. On that day strength, friendship and pure goodness was revealed for me. Can you get any better than that?
Thank you Tonya and Leslie for the gift of this experience.

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