Friday, April 16, 2010

it's been a while

Hi there spring. It's nice to see you again. There have been so many things to write about since my last post but the expectant nature of spring has kept me busy and unmotivated to sit down and write, but there's snow in the forecast and it's raining right now so it feels perfect to write now.
Yesterday i ran with Leslie after her trip to Cali and it was nice to have an old buddy back. The sun was shining and the gorge was ours to explore. About 4 miles in Leslie turned around after lots of talking, and talking, and talking. Running with your peeps is so great! The breadth of things you get to talk about is amazing. We covered, cupcakes, children, shared friends, travel, life plans, work, family, all in only four miles.
I had decided i wanted to run at least 15 miles but perhaps more so i ran on and put my earphones on and cranked up the tunes. I was enjoying the sun and breeze, having just plunged into the river as Leslie and i parted. I looked to my left and the green of the river snaking below the cliffs and the sparkle of the water was mesmerizing, i laughed out loud and for the millionth time was reminded that running is my savior and fortunate gift. On this runner's high i ended up flying over the ground for about 8 1/2 miles and suddenly the heat and the sun and the thirst hit me. Hmmm i would have to run that 8 1/2 back without water or calories. I enjoyed the run back but not nearly as much. It was definitely a push of the thirsty will. None the less it was amazing and fun and a great way to tank up on sunshine before the week of rain and snow begins...yes snow!
My boy is in Oregon looking at a college and no doubt grading the outdoor play potential of Portland and beyond. I am sure he will love it. My girl is building up her leg muscles riding her pony and retraining her horse. She has promised to write an entry about her recovery and the joy of moving again.
I ran a really fun 1/2 marathon a couple of weeks ago in Westfield Ma. It was lovely and sunny and complete with a wooden medal at the end. I ran in my five fingers shoes and i swear i lost a lot of time due to answering questions about them throughout the race. It was still a great time and i nice way to welcome the spring race season.
I am currently terrified of the upcoming Seven Sisters race. Leslie asked me if i was terrified of the race or of her, i had to admit it was because of her. My tiger is just not as strong as hers i fear. I will have to wait and see.

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