Thursday, May 6, 2010

ohh the agony of da-feet!

me trying to get some race energyus getting pumped in the truck

So here is my tale to tell of the Seven Sisters race. Hard, hot, and heavy.
Race day was beautiful. I had spent the previous day walking all over NYC and staying out way too late. We got home at 3:30 in the morning and i had to be up and out by not much sleep. Leslie and i met up on Chesterfield to make the drive together and Juano had made us awesome egg sandwiches with avocado, we were happy and excited. We drove to Amherst at The Notch and picked up our numbers and stood in line for the bathrooms having the giddy chats with other folks preparing for the race. I saw some friends from other races and started to accept that i was really going to run the race. Leslie was excited and a good source of energy to be around as i was so tired from the night before. The race started and we all jogged and waited up the first major hill. I thought ok, ok, lets get moving people. My mood changed around mile 2 where i was so hot and tired and still had 10 more miles to run i thought forget it i'm done. Leslie encouraged me and i pulled it together and realized i would never let myself live it down if i did not finish. The heat was OUTRAGEOUS! The hills and climbing was excrutiating and the terrain was trecherous. Around miles 6 while careening down hill on a single track shale encrusted ridge of a trail the guy behind me fell and took me out with him on his way down. It was a yard sale of limbs and expletives. As i was trying in vain not to fall i jammed by toes down hard and lost part of a toenail, the rest is soon to follow. In the last mile i realized how ugly it had gotten in my head. I remember telling Leslie, "i know i will finish but it's not going to be pretty." It wasn't. I turned my mood around gained a second wind and ran down the final descent to the finish line! I think i yelled, "There's no shame! I finished". Unfortunately that is all i have felt since, shame. I lost my mojo on that race, i was seriously whipped and there were a few times i was definitely NOT having fun. That is ridiculous! It is all about fun! I have to say though, my feet have never looked and felt so bad as after the race. Oh my they are yucky and bruised and blistered.
My lessons from The Sisters are 1. Sleep the night before 2. Have more fluids 3. do not let the brain get ahead of your body 4. find the fun in each moment 5. RUN FASTER.
Look out sisters. I'm coming at you all summer long in preparation for next year and it's going to be a blast!

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