Saturday, May 1, 2010

Running As a Pair

Erin and Indra's successful run

Hi, my name is Erin, and I am really good friends with Indra. We are a lot alike, physically and mentally. We do a lot of the same things, including horseback riding, skiing, and now running. After a fun sleepover last night, we both felt in the mood to run. So, this morning, we decided that we would run from my house in Plainfield to the Cummington Creamery. At about 8 a.m. we were ready to go, dressed in our running attire and equipped with money for breakfast. We started running, and after about half a mile, we both started to get a slight cramp. The funny thing was, we were almost 100% in sync, with both our running, and where we got our cramps. I think it has something to do with the fact that we both got the same amount of sleep last night, had the same amount of food in our bellies (none), and were (and are) about the same height and weight. So, we continued to push through, running with our identical cramps. We pushed and pushed ourselves, but about a quarter of a mile away from the Farm Stand, Indra felt as though she couldn't make it. I started doing things to distract her, which also helped me to continue running with out thinking about the stitch in my side. I talked about nonsense things, and helped her to keep going at the same pace. By the time we made it to our break point, we were exhausted, but there was no pushing away the sense of pride that we felt. It was then that I realized how helpful it can be to run as a team. If either of us had been running by ourselves, I knew that we would have just given in to our discomforts, and we wouldn't have felt so accomplished!

Indra: On October 13, 2009 I made a resolution to run a full marathon by the time I was 15. And now on May 1, 2010 I have made another resolution. To run a marathon by the time I am 15 with Erin. As a team. While on this run I realised how much motivation and a goal helps you complete what you want to complete. Erin and I decided that we were going to run to the farm stand without stopping for a break once. And Ta-da, we did it! Motivating each other the whole way.
After re-hydrating at the farm stand we walked into the road and started to walk. We had decided that we would have the same goal as the last time, to jog the whole way. After prepping ourselves we started to jog Pacing ourselves, judging by how the other was doing. After the water break we were both re-fueled and ready to run! We were talking to each other, making the time go by faster. We would talk about how when we could see a certain spot how far the Creamery was away from that spot. We turned the bend and could see a new road. A change of scenery. We thought, sighing. We tentatively pulled onto Rout 9, knowing that we would arrive at the Creamery soon. Turning the bend to the little town operated store I was wheezing and both our breath was coming in short. As soon as the Creamery came into view we saw a green truck, "That is our finish line." We told each other. I lagged behind as Erin picked up the pace. I saw her body position change as she touched our 'finish line'. A couple seconds later I touched the dark green truck to Erin's 'cheering.' High-fiving we walked/stumbled into the Old Creamery Grocery to eat breakfast. Entering the door we knew we ha and were Running As A Pair.

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